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Crisis of Late Capitalism

First published: 30.09.2020 More than 140 million people are infected and 0.6 million people are died due to Covid-19 pandemic all over the world till now. Each day, nearly 250 thousand of people are infected and more than five thousand people succumb to the disease. In India number of infected people has surpassed one million […]

Public Health and Aggression of Capital

Are the death’s in the pandemic just due to the virus or is it an outcome of the sorry state of our public healthcare system? The new normal, seems to be a convenient arrangement only for the upper middle class. Where does the Indian government stand in handling such mass healthcare needs. Our research paints together the sorry picture and points us to the only viable solution in the long run.

Behind the Corona Pandemic

What connects that booming meat industry to the global COVID-19 outbreak ? Why would Virus’s from the wild break the species barrier and enter human’s ? What’s the real story beyond the blame-game between United States and China? This investigative article finds out.

Pandemic and Profit making of the Pharma Industry

Everytime there is a virus outbreak we seem to be at ground zero with respect to vaccine. Is it because Cure is more profitable than prevention? Big Pharma is focused on investing in research that leads to astronomical profits. It invest’s heavily to protect it’s profit margins. In it’s profit stategy, where does vaccines fit in? Will the Pandemic change the game?
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Pandemic, Capitalism and Surveillance

Is Arogya Setu just an excuse for Indian Government to become world’s largest surveillance state? The trend that started with Aadhar spell a scary story. Current Indian Government, dominated by right wing BJP hasn’t been apologetic in it’s fascist intents. Surveillance is often the starting point of long term fascism.

Coronavirus and ‘Social Distance’

Science requires social distancing as a mode to contain the spread of the pandemic but In India Social distancing is a more familiar concept. It’s being used not just to contain the virus but also to reignite the instincts of caste distinction and Islamophobia. It fits well with what the current ruling party eventually wanted.

Migrant Workers and Government’s Outlook

An indepth study of the situation of Indian migrant workers during COVID-19 crisis expose that the social class divide is as strong as ever.
We can well see where the priorities of the government lie. Read on to know the full story.